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How much can I post? We just don't know!


Other Commissions
Chandra (request) by Lilgreenfox
Subaqueous Skirmish by Lilgreenfox
Adine (8Blackie Request) by Lilgreenfox
Shooter by Lilgreenfox
I offer many different kinds of commissions, ranging anywhere from 60Points  and up! See this journal for details! [link]
Pixel Art
Glubble by Lilgreenfox
Eclipse Idle by Lilgreenfox
Giselle Idle Animation by Lilgreenfox
Negotiable pixel art prices based on subject, size, and animation complexity. Send me a note if interested.
Color Palette Request
Kitty by Lilgreenfox
Color Challenge: Mudkip by Lilgreenfox
Glow by Lilgreenfox
Send me a color palette and a subject, and I'll draw it with those colors! Only one subject per request, please! If you want two in the same picture, it costs an extra 100 points each
Portrait- Full Color
Gorillaz by Lilgreenfox
Jjba by Lilgreenfox
Animal by Lilgreenfox
Full color portrait commission.





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United States
I'll draw what I please and like it, thank you very much!

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Hello everyone! I know I've had idle chatter on my profile about commissions and crud, but not to the point where I'm explicitly advertising it. So I figured, hey, I should make an official post about my commission rates! So I am doing that right now and stuff~

Here are a few simple guidelines I've scribbled down, just to let you know my limits:

Bullet; Green Humans
Bullet; Green Animals (particularly mammalian, though I can draw others just fine)
Bullet; Green OCs of any kind
Bullet; Green Fandom art
Bullet; Green Mythical Creatures
Bullet; Green Monsters
Bullet; Green Essentially anything I don't have in the "I won't draw" list

Bullet; Red NSWF/Porn of any kind
Bullet; Red Nudity (I'm not versed well enough in the world of d's and v's...)
Bullet; Red Mechas/Gundams
Bullet; Red Gore

Pixel Art: 100Points -500Points or  Dollar (US) $1.00-$5.00

Glubble by LilgreenfoxGiselle Idle Animation by LilgreenfoxEclipse Idle by LilgreenfoxColorpalette by LilgreenfoxG Runright by LilgreenfoxG Attack by Lilgreenfox
I love drawin pixel art! I'm fairly new to it, but I've learned to love it and it's now one of my favorite mediums. You can negotiate with me on how much you want to pay, but my cheapest rate is 100Points . That would get you a small animated pixel, such as the one on the very left, OR an unanimated larger pic, up to the size of the second image. Medium-sized, simply animated pixels, such as the second and third ones, would cost anywhere between 120Points-300Points. The maximum I would charge for these is probably 500Points, and that would be for a heavier animation, such as the last two pictures, or a button-sized animation, such as the color palette one. If you want something even bigger than that, or even smaller than the smallest one, well, I'm game! You got the points, I'll do the work! nvn

Pixel Art Game Package: 1000Points or  Dollar (US) $10.00

Gisellespritesheet by Lilgreenfox
Giselle Idle Animation by LilgreenfoxG Runright by LilgreenfoxG Jump by LilgreenfoxG Die by LilgreenfoxG Attack by LilgreenfoxGisellechatter by Lilgreenfox

A special package of animations, perfect for game developers! I'll draw a profile/talksprite, idle, running, jumping, dying, and attacking animation, as well as create a spritesheet with all of those animations for a single character for just 1000Points! Again, if you want a smaller or larger sprite for your character we can negotiate prices, but 1000Points is the typical price I would charge for all of them. Additional sprite actions would cost only 80Points each, and the completely finished package will come in a .zip which I will email you personally.

Profile Images: 60Points -120Points or Dollar (US)$0.60-$1.20

Homestuck by LilgreenfoxOrig by LilgreenfoxOkami by LilgreenfoxVulpix by LilgreenfoxJjba by Lilgreenfox
Profile images are pretty fun, and easy to make, too! That's why they're pretty cheaply priced and stuff. The simplest kind I'll draw is the Homestuck one- it'll be 60Points , even cheaper if you don't want a background or colors. Flat colors with black lines cost 80Points. Flat colors with colored lines cost 100Points , and lastly, full-out colors/shading with colored or uncolored lines cost 120Points. The final products will actually be much neater than these regarding the borders, but if you wish to have something a bit looser like these ones I can do that too!

Color Palette: 250Points or Dollar (US)$2.50

Color Challenge: Mudkip by LilgreenfoxT R I P by LilgreenfoxKitty by LilgreenfoxGlow by Lilgreenfox
One of my favorite kinds of pieces- color palette! You can send me any color palette you want and a subject, and I'll draw it! If I particularly like the piece, I'll add a background for free- otherwise, backgrounds will cost an extra 50Points .

Inked Sketches: 200Points or Dollar (US)$2.00

Actaea by Lilgreenfox8blackie by LilgreenfoxScn 0001 by Lilgreenfox
I scribble as often as I can, so sketch commissions are super fun for me! The starting price is 200Points , though if the subject is very complex or there are multiple subjects are included it may cost 30Points -50Points  more. Also, pay an extra 50Points  and I'll send you an edited version of the sketch with opacity and cleaned-up lines, so you can color it yourself if you please!

Flat Colors: 300Points or Dollar (US)$3.00

Reflection...? by LilgreenfoxSwampert by Lilgreenfox

(I know the second pic's colors aren't flat, but I couldn't find any more examples. Just pretend he is ::::P)
Flat colors are about 300Points, and it's optional to also have a very simple background and/or colored lines for FREE. Extra subjects in the picture cost 50Points -100Points  each based on complexity, and you can add a more complicated background for only 20Points extra! What a deal, right?

Full-Out Color: 400Points or Dollar (US)$4.00

Froslass by LilgreenfoxDangerous Damsels by LilgreenfoxSubaqueous Skirmish by Lilgreenfox

And my very most favorite kind of commissions, full-out colored ones! Of course, these come in all shapes and sizes. Immediately they come with a background of any kind for free. So, a payment of 400Points  can get you anything like the first and second ones, with any level of detail. However, if you'd like something with multiple subjects, such as the third and fourth images, you have to pay an extra 150Points  per character. You can choose to not have a background if you'd like. Lastly, if you'd like smaller characters in the background it only costs 50Points apiece, but they'll be much smaller and less detailed than the up-close chars.

If you'd like a different kind of work of mine other than the ones I've listed here, you can note me/message me! I'm happy to negotiate based on what you'd like and how much you'd like to pay, and if you follow me or have commissioned me before, I'll be happy to give you discounts!

(PS- Paying via Paypal rather than with points gives you a small discount too! Just sayin ;>)

Please consider me for commissioning your works, I would love to draw for anyone! 0u0
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